Leaf Village Jutsu Guide

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Leaf Village Jutsu Guide

Post  [Cloud Chunin]Ryan on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:24 am

You have learned your first village jutsu, Sexy Jutsu.
This jutsu will briefly transform you into a attractive naked woman. It will briefly stun everyone around you.

This jutsu is not masterable (pre-mastered when bought)

You have learned your second village jutsu, Fuuma Shuriken.
This move will let you throw a large shuriken that will deal heavy damage at the cost of 30 (actually costs 5) weaponry.

This jutsu is not masterable (pre-mastered when bought)

You have learned your third village jutsu, One Thousand Years of Death.
This move will target someone near you and use body flicker to get behind them before striking, addling and damaging the target!

Your One Thousand Years of Death level is now level 2! The stun time increased!
You have mastered One Thousand Years of Death! The stun time increased and the punch is now instant!

This jutsu is mastered by spamming!

You have learned your final village jutsu, Twin Dragon Weapon Barrage.
This move will create a scroll that will shoot rapid streams of kunais in threes at the cost of 150 weaponry.

Your Twin Dragon Weapon Barrage level is now level 2! You now fire 12 waves of kunais!
You have mastered Twin Dragon Weapon Barrage! You now fire 16 waves of kunais with 0 weaponry cost!

This jutsu is mastered by spamming!

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